Pick Our Family

Who is this person I married? Why did’t I see this coming. Who did I pick? The one time I get to pick, I picked a masked person! No… I was blindfolded by the opportunity.

We are always told, we can’t pick our family, right? Well, in essence, that is true …for the most part. If we could pick our families what would it be like? Perfect?

That can only happen if we don’t choose people. 🙂 There are no perfect people, so there are no perfect families. If they appear to be …just take a closer, deeper look.

Today, I heard someone say, “The one time we get to choose our family member we often mess it up.” See, we do get to choose our spouse, as we say, “I do,” for confirmation. In the process we often are more excited about the opportunity than the process.

This is one family member we get to pick, so it should be done carefully. It should not be rushed. We put more time in finding the right house than finding the right spouse.

We choose to impress rather than finding that which is best. Then, we are upset when we get them home, we note they are spending too much time on their phone. Continue reading “Pick Our Family”


Collateral Beauty

There are many positives that can come from the negatives in any relationship and surrounding factors.


We often hear the term, “Collateral Damage,” but “Collateral Beauty” was a term I had never heard until the movie, starring Will Smith. The term brought me to think, we never know where collateral beauty really lies and many pictures have deeper stories.

I thought about all the outside factors that can cause collateral damage to our relationship due to poor choice we sometimes make, not fulfilling commitments and so on.

The damage caused to the children, because of divorce due to parent’s selfish choices always has a heart wrenching effect. Another collateral damage effect is, broken adult relationships and families due to drug addiction, gambling addictions, porn and so on. Continue reading “Collateral Beauty”


Happy New Year 2017!

What dead weight, extracurricular activities, hobbies, useless pastime or relationships will we have to sacrifice in order to focus on the life of the present and future?

Happy New Year, welcome 2017! 2017 what will you bring?

Today, in your first hour, you brought a new day, a new week, a new month, along with this New Year.

2017, I hope you continue to be filled with plenty.                           2017, you bring new hope and great opportunities.                        2017, you are filled with so many possibilities.




Who will partake of your offerings? Who will capitalize on your opportunities? Who will take a new challenge to conquer the negative past failures with the offerings of 2017?

We all desire to be the best we can be. We all desire to pursue happiness, peace, love and joy, but what will we do or sacrifice to achieve our goals?

We desire a great marriage, wonderful families, better relationships all around …but again, what will we do or sacrifice to achieve them?

Marriages and all relationships need attention and nurturing to grow, just as a plant left along, unfed, un-watered will die, so will a neglected marriage or relationship, in any year and time.

Anything we desire takes time and need work to flourish. Where your treasure is there will be your heart also. Matthews 6:21.

I ask, where is your treasure, what will we do differently in 2017 to bring life to dead relationship and marriage …to achieve …to succeed? What will we do to move forward and prosper?

What dead weight, extracurricular activities, hobbies, useless pastime or relationships will we have to sacrifice in order to focus on the life of the present and future?

This year, 2017, count what’s important, fold and rid what is not. Weight and count your blessings. Use resources wisely. Other than God, nothing is more important than the good foundation of family.

Make a decision, trust God and make this the best year, which you hold in your power, to make it. Then, if our God allows us to see the end of this year, we can reflect and say, “We truly capitalized on the goodness 2017 offered. 2017 truly brought a Happy New Year as it was very filling!”


The Power of a Forgiving Heart

I once heard a minister say, we tend to bury the hatchet with the handle sticking out of the ground, to grab it when needed. I say, when we bury the hatchet bury the entire tool, never to use that tool again for harm.

I was watching a talk show this morning about a the young man who was so grateful to have found his father; as he displayed the power of a forgiving heart. This father had been missing in action for over thirty years.

When he embraced his father for the first time, after many years, it was as if he was trying to create a memory, of a familiar smell for the future or find the familiarity of his father’s lost fragrance of the past, as he embedded his nose into his collar for a few minutes of a tightly held hug.

What really touched my heart was the fact that the son held no bitterness. He was happy for today and the opportunity to have communication with his father, today. Continue reading “The Power of a Forgiving Heart”



Too often when we marry we have no ideal of what is expected or how did we ever get to this point of certain expectations. We focus on the wedding day and are surprised by the marriage that follows.

To talk about intimacy and sex can have an overcast of forbidden taboo. It is something that should be talked about in the home way before marriage.

However, if you were born before the eighties, or not raised in a Christian family, most of what you may have learned about sex and intimacy, unfortunately, was in secrecy from other relatives or friends who may have known very little as well.

Even now, intimacy and sex has been so misrepresented and abused, throughout many years it often still comes today, with a negative or unhappy connotation. Continue reading “Taboo!”


Black Friday!

This is the season of tons of parties, of all different kinds. It is the season of closeness and sharing of love.

‘Tis the season …today is Black Friday! With Thanksgiving behind us, today officially begin the Christmas season. Many shoppers started the craze before their Thanksgiving dinner had the chance to completely digest.

Black Friday, remind me of the old cartoon of my day, “The Flintstones.” Whenever Wilma and Betty had the opportunity to shop, as they grab Fred and Barney’s credit card, they would shout, “CHARGE IT!” as they ran out the door, with much excitement.

blog-black-fridayMy oldest son and his wife waited yesterday, after our dinner, for the 6:00 bewitching hour. That was when the stores opened in our area to let the shopping begin. Others went out at midnight and daybreak. Continue reading “Black Friday!”


Terrific Tuesday

Just to know that marriage is still alive and well, is a wonderful thing!

“It’s a Terrific Tuesday,” my young daughter-in-law would say. She and my son have been married now for eight months.  She is the poster child for smiles and chipper feelings.

They both are the poster children for the newly-wedded couples, so huggy and kissy. “Yucky,” my youngest grand-daughter says! Lol…

I pray for them, all the time that years from now, they can have the same love, as they have today. I know it matters that we take our time in finding our spouse, so we can live happily ever after.

I realize that people can change several times as they grow. However, the basic spirit is still the same. If we choose a mean, lazy, self-centered and controlling person that spirit lingers. Continue reading “Terrific Tuesday”


Those Monday Blues

This is a day that many had plans and several things to do, but were denied. So, if you are reading this, give thanks to God that you weren’t denied.

It’s Monday, and many have those “Monday Blues.” This is the day of the week that I have heard people dreadfully talk about for years.

If we were to personify this day and it actually had emotions, it would fall into a deep stage of depression, because of all the negative words spoken about it, throughout the years.

We have made it the “Monday blues.” Monday’s are no different than any other day. It’s the attitude of the people that view this day, not the name of the day.

Anything that goes wrong it is blamed on Monday. Monday, like any other day has no power. Instead it is the Maker of this day, that holds the power in His hand.

Let us change our Monday attitude to a state of gratefulness, as we hold on to the theme of, “A Week of Thanksgiving.”

Maybe we can start a continued thought of gratefulness, understanding that any day God has given to us is indeed, a good day; how we chose to use it reflects our appreciation or non-appreciation.

If we woke up grumpy, blaming it on Monday, let us change the channel of our minds to happy, it’s all in the attitude. You can decide to make it a great day.

“For this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalms 118:22 it is a gift from God. Aren’t you blessed to receive another one of His days?

So smile as you greet people today. This is a day that many had plans and several things to do, but were denied. So, if you are reading this, give thanks to God that you weren’t denied.

Go make it great, as you count your blessing today. Today, let us be the cause of others smiling.

Did you know that most people reflect the attitude we give to them. So give good and it will come back to you immediately or in time.

If it never comes back by others or this life’s situations, the reflection of our good attitude has nurtured our own spirit and has not gone unseen by others or God.

Change that channel in your mind, now and say, “It’s Monday! Thank you God for another opportunity to get it right! Thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning, when you didn’t have to do so!”

Walk today gratefully, with that smile, sharing it with other. Refuse to let today or others dictate your attitude. As you walk, give thanks, because it’s Monday and decide …there shall be no blues today! 🙂




A Week of Thanksgiving!

Data has shown that we Americans who are poor, still live better than most of the rest of humanity.

Today is the first day of this week, the beginning of a week of giving thanks. We have so much in which to be thankful, that we should not focus on just one day or a week.


We should thank God for all the blessings, He bestows on us daily. He gives us much more than we appreciate or can count.

We are so blessed, and so use to living in America, that some of us think this is the normal.

Data has shown that we, Americans, who are poor, still live better than most of the rest of humanity.

I always believe it is a natural human instinct to not appreciate where we are, when we have nothing else to compare. Look at our children and how ungrateful they often stand.

So let us observe some of the less fortunate people that surround us and give more thanks and appreciation for what our God has given us, mainly the great opportunity of life and the opportunity of salvation.

Let us give thanks for the love we experience from our spouses, friends and family.

Let us give thanks for good health, fair health that can be made better by changing our habits. Let us give thanks for just the opportunity to be a part of being.

Let us give thanks for our families- functional or otherwise and learn to pray for the otherwise, non-functional.

Let us step away from finding fault and placing irrational judgement and practice love, like Christ love.

If we have children, they too are a blessing, let us give thanks. Let us teach them gratefulness and that nothing is entitled.

Let us treat them like the blessing they are as we continue to pray for the knowledge and ability to raise them to be good productive beings.

If we have love ones who have gone on into eternity, give thanks for having had the time together and thank God for memories.

Imagine those whose cherished memories have been erased, due to medical conditions, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Let us give thanks for our spouses, as we continue to pray for growth, let us thank God, that the opportunity for growth is still present.

Let us pray that we and our spouses may seize the opportunity while there is still time.

Let us give thanks for that spouse that is functioning the way God has intended.

Let us give thanks to God for still blessing our families, in spite of having a spouse that has not reached that level yet, as we continue to pray that they may arrive soon.

We have so much to be thankful. Let us focus on those things that are good, lovely, things of good reports and praiseworthy. (Philippians 4:8)

Let us enjoy this week of Thanksgiving as we practice how to be thankful and try to focus more on wanting what we already have, rather than focusing on getting more of what we want.



It Is Written and It is Finished!

“Now is a good time to run to Canada,” some say. Well …I say “Now is a good time to run toward God.”

“Happy Wednesday,” it is for some … “Oh no! We are all doomed!” may be the worries of others and “It is written and it is finished, finally over,” is the thought of the day for many. “This back-biting, name calling and display of immaturity, election is finally over!” some may yell.blog-election-2016

Nonetheless, here we all stand with a new commander and chief. Many worry where our country will find itself over the next four years. How can he lead with no political experience? The list of questions and doubt goes on and on.

Well to start, tomorrow (the next four years) is not promised to us. Take a moment, today and read the parable of the rich man. Luke 12:16-21. Continue reading “It Is Written and It is Finished!”