Who is Loyal?

Who is loyal? What is loyalty? I ordered a gift set from my client/friend a few weeks ago. When she brought the gift to me, I noted her hair was freshly serviced. I had to take a double take, seeing it wasn’t my work.

Not wanting to assume the obvious, I asked her had she just had her hair serviced, as I could smell the fresh products. She replied, “Yes.” Totally surprised and feeling territorial, I asked her, “You allowed someone else to do your hair?” She said, “…well, I just wanted to help her out a little bit, but I told her, ‘You know I’m loyal.'”

Well, she’s been my client and friend for over fifteen years and weekly client for about two years. After not seeing her for the following four weeks, I began to worry a bit about the sincerity of her “loyalty” statement. Well… she was true to her word. We are …now back in stride again …it seems. I’ve done her last two services.

To be loyal is to be faithful, true, devoted to a cause, a person or institution, Google says. To be loyal is a great character trait to possess. It is one that would be great, if we all possessed it, especially in marriage.

Spouses that are loyal have longer marriages. Spouses that are loyal have the tools to overcome adversities, because they work at it a bit harder and longer.

How loyal are we? We never know until it is put to the test. What we say and what we do are two different entities. Peter was so seriously loyal to Jesus in his heart soul and mind, until tested. In Matthews 26:35-43, He said he would die with Him if needed and his heart was sincere. However, he couldn’t do the simple task of watching as Jesus went away to pray. Later, He would deny him three times. Luke 22:54-62.

What will cause us to turn our hearts from our spouse; the spouse that we stood before God with and truly committed our hearts, …turning our head away from our spouse, thus turning our hearts away from our God? How loyal are we to our vows? Are we loyal in words and deeds or just in words as long as there is no need?

What can turn our hearts from our spouse? Would it be the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, or the pride of life? Let us walk wisely, praying for our own hearts and our spouse’s heart. Pray that God protect our marriage. Pray that He give us the strength to identify and resist temptations.

Who is loyal? Our God is loyal and faithful and it is He that can keep our marriage safe, if we only ask Him. Cast our desires on Him, because He cares for us 1Peter 5:7. It can feel good to walk down the “Avenue of Trust,” with the one you love, not having the showers of “unfaithfulness” poured upon you. What is loyalty to you? Post your comment below.



Your Biggest Fan

In other words, working to pleasantly please each other when ever you can, however you can, in service, not only in sexual nature but all around. Giving of yourself in an unselfish nature, esteeming your spouse higher than yourself, as stated in Philippians 2:3 is the art of service and becoming a fan.

Who’s your biggest fan? Who’s the person you can tell your darkest, most deepest secrets and not ever having to worry about them viewing you differently?

Who’s your shoulder to cry on and who wipes away all your tears? Who cries with you? Who always has your best interest at heart? Who’s the person that loves you unconditionally? That’s a hard one, right? Continue reading “Your Biggest Fan”


The Gift of Submission

I have heard it said, “The gift of submission!? Marriage is 50/ 50. I work; he works, so we both get to wear the pants!”

I ask, “Is that what was intended when it was written in Ephesians 5:22-33 , as Paul reminds us to do so? “Wives submit yourselves to your own husbands.”

I ask again, “Is that what was understood, when we stood on that great day and committed ourselves to “love, cherish and obey?”

Well …God had it right, as He always does. Marriage is a shared sacred committed covenant made before God, between the husband and wife.

Though it wasn’t designed to be a business, many treat the marriage part as such. What would be missing in that business aspect is, “Love,” the love designed for the husband and wife is what would seals the deal. Continue reading “The Gift of Submission”



Too often when we marry we have no ideal of what is expected or how did we ever get to this point of certain expectations. We focus on the wedding day and are surprised by the marriage that follows.

To talk about intimacy and sex can have an overcast of forbidden taboo. It is something that should be talked about in the home way before marriage.

However, if you were born before the eighties, or not raised in a Christian family, most of what you may have learned about sex and intimacy, unfortunately, was in secrecy from other relatives or friends who may have known very little as well.

Even now, intimacy and sex has been so misrepresented and abused, throughout many years it often still comes today, with a negative or unhappy connotation. Continue reading “Taboo!”


Time for Me

Sounds selfish? Naw, not at all. In order to be a better me, the body and mind needs rest and some pleasure.

Today is Sunday and I am designating a little bit of time for me.  Awww… how I welcome today, I woke up this morning with Jesus on my mind as my day began. On the way to worship, I began to taste the “me time” to come afterwards, in my thoughts.

Today, is also football. Yes, I have been doing really well with going to the different wing places for lunch, but not today!

Yesterday, in the mist of friends and family, I listened as Kevin as he said the Saints are playing today and he was planning to go to Buffalo Wings to see them play.

I was as quiet as a church mouse, as I thought, not me, but I do hope he has a good time. Kevin has gone in previous years alone, before I decided to try to take part in his football passion. I am not quitting, but I am relaxing doing what I enjoy, today. Continue reading “Time for Me”


Thanksgiving Day

Family is not just defined by the bond of genetics. Today, family can be anyone we choose to connect into our family unit.

It’s Thanksgiving Day and this means, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and more food! Yes, today is the day we all gather around the table with family and friends. We share and care more than we may have all year.

We talk about what we are thankful for. We give the first hearty, heart felt laugh of this season, maybe this year.

There is something special about the warmth of family. Family is one of the many blessings God has bestowed on us. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day”


Disconnect and Reconnect

We have the choice to connect or disconnect, for our own peace of mind and sanity.


Today is a great day to disconnect and reconnect to what matters, our family, the ones who we see every day. This week has indeed been a surprising, future life changing status for many. It has been posted, watched and read, time and time again, all over the media.

Many experienced all types of unsettling shocking emotions. I heard so many people expressed how shocked they were that Trump won. I ask why? Was he not running? Was it not a great possibility?

It’s like playing the game of Russian roulette with someone and totally shocked that the bullet killed them. It was a great possibility. Was not there a bullet in the chamber? Continue reading “Disconnect and Reconnect”


Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Don’t get caught up in what other couples are doing or have in their possession.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” my mom would always say when a task was before me that would take time. I was sometimes the, “Here and now” and “Are we there yet” type child. As, I grew, I often had to replay her voice in my mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now, I often look around at the youth, the microwave generation and I can sometimes reflect. I realize we (older generation) have much to offer them, but will they listen, will they absorb? If not then, will they at least place it in their tool boxes and use later or

in case of an emergency. Continue reading “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”



We must fight for our marriages, like we fight to keep our stuff.

When did the world become a world of contingency? Contingency can have its good when providing for incidentals, accidents and other life unforeseen possibilities.

But when we enter into marriage with a provision for contingencies, we often set ourselves up for failure. It’s sort of like, “If I don’t study and I fail the exam, I will still pass the class anyway, because my dad owns the school, so who will fail me? I have that extra cushion, no worries. My success is not contingent on how well I do.” Continue reading “Contingency”


My Own Special Treasure

In marriage, we got to know our treasure is our own.

Have you ever gone shopping with excitement and can say, “I found my own special treasure.” There is a certain feeling that comes over most of us when that happens. Whether it’s a sale item or something you’ve been looking to find for some time and then it appears, you tend to feel like you really have something special.

I can remember shopping with my best friend and I would love something and she may think it was ugly or just okay. Other times I’d ask what she thought and she may think it was AWESOME and I’d have to examine it more to see if I really feel the same way.

What’s my point? My treasures are my own and others are their own. We see and think differently. Our lives are different. Our marriages are different. Continue reading “My Own Special Treasure”