The Dishonesty in Marriage

Nothing is like the strong detergent of truth, keeping things in the relationship honest and clean.

Why is there so much dishonesty in marriage? A woman might ask, “Why do men lie?” A man might say, “You know you can’t trust a woman.” Why do those thoughts reside with the woman or the man? Is it because of failure, the desire to deceive, the fear of honest or just because the option of lying leaves mystery and secrets are concealed?

Whatever the reason, it brings a dark awful cloud into the relationship. A relationship built on lies is simply not real and bound to fall. It is always said if something doesn’t come out in the wash; it will certainly come out in the rinse.

Just the fact of lying is a dirty job. When we tell one lie, we have to tell another and who remembers what was said the last time? The person you told the lie silently remembers and often keeps a reflective head tally, just to remind you and watch as your web of deceit grows, until the day you are all tied up in them and just as a spider’s web catches its prey …so will your lie catch you.

Nonetheless, nothing is like the strong detergent of truth, keeping things in the relationship honest and clean. There is nothing like having someone who you can trust. Someone whom you can share thoughts and always know they honestly, have your best interest at heart.

Prayerfully that person is your spouse. Honesty and trust is that rock, solid foundation that builds confidence in your spouse, even in the smallest matters, likeā€¦ “Honey do you like my new necklace?”the wife may ask. “Well, I think it is a bit large for your neck. I think something a bit smaller would look better. What do you think?”

It was honest, inviting and it took courage. Tone can play a part. We must know how to respond to our spouse. Honesty can be brutal, if not done in love… in actuality, it can be brutal if done in love. Will the response hurt? What is she looking for, maybe a boost of self-esteem? Lying is never the way to go. You can get more of the worst, leading her to think it is the best. That applies in any situation.

So, I challenge you, this day, to consciously be honest. Respond with truth. If you can’t do it, there may be a problem, but try again. Never give up. We never note or strive hard until we are challenged. Honesty, builds strong marriages and great friendships.

The dishonesty in marriage, I promise you, will tear your marriage apart. Being prayerful, vigilant and speaking consciously is the first steps towards a honest marriage. Vow to be honest. It is so worth the effort.




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